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We are delighted to welcome children to the Open Air Theatre, many of who will be experiencing theatre for the first time. In consideration of all our visitors however, we respectfully ask that parents note the following. Full terms and conditions are available at www.openairtheatre.com/terms.

Is there a minimum age for children to attend the Open Air Theatre?

Whilst there may be age recommendations or restrictions on a production, in any event, children under the age of 4 (or 2 in the case of Dinosaur World Live) will not be admitted to the theatre or theatre grounds.

Are there age restrictions for your productions?

We reserve the right to add our own age recommendations and restrictions to any production; parents should check each production prior to booking. Age recommendations and restrictions for children may apply due to the nature and suitability of the show.

Whilst age recommendations and restrictions may be placed on some productions, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian in advance of purchase to make their own judgement as to the suitability of a production for their own child.

Can my child sit on my knee?

All children will require their own ticket which shall be at full price if no child concessions are available at the time of booking.

What should my child wear?

You should ensure that children are prepared for all types of weather conditions, including waterproof clothing, sun hats and a bottle of water (in hot weather).

For more information regarding children take a look at our terms and conditions.