Environmental Policy

Environmental sustainability involves us all making choices that ensure a better way of life for future generations. Sustainability is important to Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, and we are committed to improving our impact on the environment by identifying renewable and recyclable alternatives across the organisation.

The programme of change is ongoing, but advances in challenging our environmental impact are already being made:


  • Borehole water: Water used in our public toilets and irrigation system is supplied via a borehole to an underground aquifer within the Park, meaning we don’t have to use the mains supply.
  • Solar energy: Our new Rehearsal Studios and Kitchen, built for the start of the 2018 season, are complete with solar panels. This natural energy supply is then used to power these buildings, with any excess electricity sent back to the national grid.


  • Light sensors are employed in most offices to conserve energy when spaces are not in use.
  • All buildings are now double-glazed and insulated, with some buildings enhanced by natural insulation, such as grass on the box office roof.
  • We are championing a reduction in unnecessary paper usage, and using recycled paper where possible:
    a. working with crowdEngage, the majority of customers now receive mobile tickets sent to their smartphone, removing the need to print tickets;
    b. accounting and finance has switched to digital processes;
    c. recycled paper is used for marketing and programmes.


  • In partnership with The Royal Parks, all our waste is collected, sorted and recycled (where possible), with zero going to landfill.
  • Office and production waste is recycled.


  • Bike racks are available for customers, and we have future plans to increase our capacity.
  • With improved stock control, the number of deliveries has reduced.


  • Championing @OneLessBTL, in 2019 we installed a Water Bottle Refill Station to encourage audiences to bring their own refillable bottles.
  • From 2020 we started selling still and sparkling water in recyclable cans rather than plastic bottles.
  • Only paper straws are available, and only on request.
  • Cutlery is made from sustainable wood.


  • The environmental impact of productions will be considered in the creative process, identifying where recycled, recyclable and ethically sourced products can be used.
  • Sets and props will be recycled or repurposed where possible. We are registered with the Theatre Green Book.

We are proud to contribute towards the global drive to secure our world for future generations. These are just some of the measures we have introduced, but there is still more to do, and we will keep audiences updated with our progress.

earthday.org | onelessbottle.org