Legally Blonde

13 May 2022 - 02 July 2022

Omigod you guys, meet fashion merchandising major Elle Woods (Courtney Bowman) and her college sweetheart Warner Huntington III (Alistair Toovey). Popular, stylish, they have the perfect relationship. That is until Warner heads to Harvard Law School and decides that he needs a more 'serious' kind of girlfriend.

Dumped, Elle embarks on a drastic plan to win him back. But, on the way, she discovers that there's more to love - and definitely Elle Woods - than meets the eye. Directed by Lucy Moss, co-writer and co-director of the smash-hit musical SIX, it's time to bend and snap, people!

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You can download a PDF copy of the Legally Blonde programme here. 

Presented by arrangement with MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)

Please note, this production contains flashing lights.

Guidelines for Parents and Teachers


"A SERIOUSLY FABULOUS revival, and one of the most inclusive shows I've ever seen"


"STAGE HEAVEN. Sackfuls of delightful silliness, unflagging energy, and a riot of pink costumes. But - omigod! - it's only on until July 2. Like, hurry!"


"An inclusive power-house of a musical, one that embraces difference and diversity in its casting and its attitudes, while simultaneously celebrating a world that can change if people stand together. As Emmett, Michael Ahomka-Lindsay has graceful charm and the most tender of voices. A FIVE-STAR FIESTA"

Theatre Weekly

"This bold and beautiful production leaves previous productions feeling like a pair of last season's Prada shoes. It tears up the rule book and creates a feel good sensation that makes for one hell of a fun night out."

Financial Times

"A whirlwind of a production that breathes positive new life into a popular story and delivers it with a mischievous twinkle and an irresistible generosity of spirit. Lauren Drew’s jaw-dropping number 'Whipped Into Shape' is just one of the upbeat moments that make Lucy Moss’s new staging blaze off the stage, warming even the chilliest of English spring evenings"

The Arts Desk

"Another TRIUMPHANT musical reinvention at the Park. Dynamite Nadine Higgin as Paulette has a whopping voice and spectacular timing, turning the musical’s most bonkers concept into a comic showstopper. Alistair Toovey is appropriately self-involved as Warner and Vanessa Fisher gives his new squeeze Vivienne a kickass redemption"

Sunday Express

"This neon pink explosion of joy will brighten anyone’s day. The kitschy, dance-fuelled score and wittily sharp lyrics are such utter joy. This show is, like, TOTALLY FAB YOU GUYS!"

Evening Standard

“A fizzy, fun musical night out reinvented for 2022, with KILLER CHOREOGRAPHY, plenty of laughs and lots of you-go-girl affirmation.”


"A blast of fresh, fabulous air. Courtney Bowman is SENSATIONAL"

Daily Mail

"This Legally Blonde is, like, TOTALLY A HIT"

The Times

"Courtney Bowman is irrepressibly sparky and sensuous. YOU’LL BE BLOWN AWAY"

The Guardian

"Ellen Kane’s choreography is fabulously playful. IRRESISTIBLE. A musical for today”

Broadway World

“Isaac Hesketh, Hannah Yun Chamberlain and Grace Mouat are fabulous. Courtney Bowman is a revelation, a star in the making. With a powerhouse voice, she is sassy, charismatic, and UTTERLY PERFECT as Elle.”

The Observer

"Lucy Moss has brought new bend and snap to Legally Blonde. Everything is as popping and pink as bubblegum"




  • Dan Ellis – Percussion
  • Richard Freeman – Trumpet
  • John Gregson – Guitar
  • David Hopkin – Trumpet
  • Claire McInerney – Flute/Clarinet/Baritone Sax
  • Mike Parkin – Drum Kit
  • Chris Poon – Associate Musical Director/Keyboard 2
  • Natalie Pound – Keyboard 3
  • Jack Reddick – Alto Sax/Flute/Piccolo/Clarinet
  • Glensi Roberts – Violin
  • Jane Salmon – Trombone
  • Meelie Traill – Bass
  • Katharine Woolley – Musical Director/Keyboard 1

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