For general enquiries, please call 0333 400 3562. For casting enquiries, please contact the individual casting directors.

0333 numbers are charged at the same rate as calls to 01 and 02 numbers as regulated by Ofcom. Please check with your provider for further details.

  • Photo of Timothy Sheader

    Timothy Sheader
    Artistic Director

  • Photo of William Village

    William Village
    Executive Director

  • Photo of Andy Locke

    Andy Locke
    Commercial Director

  • Photo of Andy Beardmore

    Andy Beardmore

  • Photo of Arianne Brooks

    Arianne Brooks
    Production Coordinator & Assistant to the Executive

  • Photo of Cedric Chervet

    Cedric Chervet
    Head of Catering

  • Photo of Jessica Clot

    Jessica Clot
    Marketing and Partnerships Officer

  • Photo of Dean Fawcett

    Dean Fawcett
    Head Chef

  • Photo of Jack Gavin

    Jack Gavin
    Head of Visitor Services and Estates

  • Photo of Cat Gray

    Cat Gray
    General Manager

  • Photo of Megan Griffith

    Megan Griffith
    Visitor Services Manager

  • Photo of Beth Hitchcock

    Beth Hitchcock
    Head of Partnerships

  • Photo of Hannah Hopkinson

    Hannah Hopkinson
    Senior Marketing Officer

  • Photo of Joe McNeice

    Joe McNeice
    Visitor Services Manager

  • Photo of Jo Allan PR

    Jo Allan PR
    Press Office