The Turn of the Screw

22 June 2018 - 30 June 2018

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre and English National Opera rediscover Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the Screw.

The story of unearthly encounters at a remote country house, and of a young governess desperate to protect her children, finds chilling new levels of suspense in this unique outdoor production at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.

Director Timothy Sheader and members of the ENO orchestra, conducted by ENO Mackerras Fellow Toby Purser, bring their award-winning skills to Britten’s masterly reworking of Henry James' classic novella.

Guidelines for Parents and Teachers

Sunday Times

"OUT OF THIS atmospheric, gripping production by Timothy Sheader."

Daily Telegraph

"Chilling show does justice to James's ghostly's hard to imagine a more aptly evocative setting for Britten's masterly adaptaion than the Open Air Theatre"

Evening Standard

There is a feeling of something unworldly...a psychological drama, in which the corruption of innocence is all too real."

The Guardian

"This joint venture between the Open Air theatre and English National Opera works superbly well and you even feel a chill to the spine as you watch a battle for possession of children’s souls in the gathering dusk.”

Financial Times

"A staging of Britten’s opera that gathers supernatural momentum. Soutra Gilmour’s set is A MASTERPIECE

The Times

"Britten’s score becomes increasingly suggestive of evil forces insidiously whittling away the sanity of trusting innocents."


"A stunning re-imagination of Britten's ghost opera...REVELATORY"

Broadway World



"The thirteen strong chamber ensemble was impeccable...conducted with superb authority by ENO Mackeraras fellow Toby Purser
Timothy Sheader's production was intelligent, cogent and, as the sky darkened, properly spooky."


"The opera captures the spooky and supernatural undertones through Britten’s piercingly sensitive and evocative music. This is ASTONISHINGLY PERFORMED by the 13 musicians of the ENO as well as ENO’s Mackerras Fellow, Toby Purser as the orchestra’s conductor.”


"Director Timothy Sheader’s grip on Britten’s opera is extremely strong, bringing a sensitivity that embraced the ghoulish supernatural element of the piece, the deep, flawed humanity of the Governess and the sinister sexual insinuations of Quint’s relationship with Miles.
The chances of finding a better production of this any time soon are very slim indeed."

The Upcoming

"The composer’s spirit must have been commanding the cast and orchestra at Regent’s Park Theatre on Tuesday evening as their performance encompassed the fear, uncertainty and discomfort originally intended by Myfanwy Piper’s chilling libretto.
The cast – along with the outstanding work of conductor Toby Purser and the English National Opera – instil a level of dread and trepidation"

The Stage

"Conducting, Toby Purser ratchets up the tension over the two hours and the denser textures of the closing scenes fill the air with a palpable dramatic charge"

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