Seven Brides for
Seven Brothers

16 July 2015 - 29 August 2015

From the Golden Age of the movie musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers found its perfect partner in the Open Air Theatre.

This much-loved musical includes Bless Your Beautiful Hide, Goin’ Courtin’, Wonderful, Wonderful Day, and the dance spectacular, Barn Dance. Featuring Alex Gaumond as Adam and Laura Pitt-Pulford as Milly, director Rachel Kavanaugh reunited the creative team behind our award-winning production of The Sound of Music .

Originally Directed for Broadway by LAWRENCE KASHA
Originally Produced on Broadway by KASLAN PRODUCTIONS INC.
Original Dance Music arrangements by Sam Davis
Presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of New York

Running time - Act 1: 1 hr 5 min, Interval 20 min, Act 2: 45 min.

Daily Telegraph


In a marvellous performance, Laura Pitt-Pulford's sparky, indomitable Milly holds all the power. Rachel Kavanaugh's revival blossoms into an old-fashioned love story...I even found myself humming Bless Your Beautiful Hide all the way home."

Sunday Times

"Alistair David's choreography is joyous...A barnstorming production, in which tongue-in-cheek humour abounds"

Sunday Express

"Rachel Kavanaugh and the talented team behind this revival give MGM a run for its money... AN EVENING TO TREASURE."

Evening Standard

"The Open Air Theatre is so delightfully good at revivals of classic musicals that they have become a firm fixture on the summer cultural calendar. Seven Brides continues on this triumphant path... japes aplenty and, pleasingly, a score-full of beautiful songs.


"With stunning, balletic choreography by Alistair David...there's spectacular axe-jumping, cartwheeling, trestle-table assembling, polka prancing, plank bashing and fist fighting.
You have no choice but to give in, roll over, and look forward to summer."

West End Frame

"Alistair David's choreography is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The Brother's execusion...couldn't be more precise. As a unit they do not put a foot wrong and share unbreakably strong chemistry. Some of the tricks incorporated into the musical numbers stopped me in my tracks Leon Cooke (Daniel) in particular dazzles with phenomenal acrobatic ability."


"Rachel Kavanaugh infuses this stage version with GENUIUNE CHARM and HIGH SPIRITS...while the songs have never sounded so BRIMMING WITH GOOD HUMOUR"

The Times

"Alistair David's BARNSTORMING CHOREOGRAPHY is packed with nimble charm, exuberance and's an exhilarating riot of swirling gingham and stomping boots, of wild polkas, square dances, cartwheels, backflips and fist fights. TERRIFIC FUN"

Daily Mail


Financial Times


Mail on Sunday

"Yee-Ha! It's seven heaven

Rachel Kavanaugh's frolicking, rollicking, sunny and funny, appropriately barn-storming production bowls you over. Feel-good musical productions don’t some better than this. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE."

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