Pride and Prejudice 2016

02 September 2016 - 17 September 2016

Daily Mail

“A PERFECT PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: skittish, comical, easy on the eye and moving…great stuff”

Mail on Sunday

“Deborah Bruce’s charming production blows fresh air into Austen’s wonderful comedy”

Evening Standard

“Deborah Bruce’s production has such CHARM and ELEGANCE”


“Simon Reade’s adaptation discharges a quiverful of Austen’s most astringent observations and sketches in the essential contours of the smoulderingly rational central love story with sufficient clarity and grace to put a slightly goofy smile on even the severest spectator’s face”


In “Simon Reade’s SPARKLING new stage version…it’s Austen, still DAZZLING after 200 years”

Creative team

The cast


Lillian Henley’s original music from this production of Pride and Prejudice is now download-able from iTunes.

Pride and Prejudice - Part I £6.99
Pride and Prejudice - Part II £4.13

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