Oliver Twist

created for everyone aged six and over

17 July 2017 - 05 August 2017

Adapted by ANYA REISS
From the novel by CHARLES DICKENS

Re-discovering the original story of Victorian London's most famous child, Oliver Twist created for everyone aged six and over had audiences on the edge of their seats and wanting more.

Daily Mail

“A RIVETING NEW STAGE PLAY from the Victorian saga.”
“Snappy dialogue and brisk scenes take us on a jaunty ride through murky Victorian London…not only is it dark enough to be truly Dickensian and bright enough to fill Regent’s Park with impish delight, Caroline Byrne’s big broad production combines the cunning invention of physical theatre miming with the boisterous joy of Punch and Judy.”

Radio Times

“An exhilarating take on Charles Dickens' classic. The transformations of the actors from character to character were part of the spectacle and compelling to watch; An ENERGETIC, CREATIVE, CLEVER interpretation”


“Anya Reiss' impressive adaptation fillets the story very effectively, condensing swathes of plot into neat scenes that propel Oliver's adventures forward.”
AN ACTION-PACKED, THRILLING SHOW with just the right amount of audience interaction to engage and entertain.”

The Guardian

FULL OF INVENTION. Director Caroline Byrne is not afraid of frightening her young audience. Michael Hodgson’s Fagin looks like a pawnbroker down on his luck, dressed in a shiny jacket and scruffy suit. Daniel Hoffman-Gill is thunderingly imposing as workhouse boss Bumble and chief baddy Bill Sikes.”
“It is playful, fierce and pleasingly unpatronising”

Sardines Magazine

“Anya Reiss has met the challenge head on with this adaptation which manages to be both original and faithful to the novel – and that’s quite a balance to have achieved. The children around me seemed to be lapping it up and finding plenty to enjoy”.
“Open Air Theatre Regents Park has made a speciality of adapting classics, mostly Shakespeare, for family audiences in recent years and this latest one is worth catching if you can”


“Gbemisola Ikumelo is excellent and has great fun with the ebullient character of Mrs Corney, who she plays with a very exaggerated West African accent to great comedic effect. She eases into Nancy's big-hearted cockney charm”


“This production manages to show the darker side to Dickens' novel while at the same time being engaging and entertaining, I would definitely recommend going to see it over the summer!”