A Midsummer Night's Dream

02 June 2012 - 05 September 2012

by William Shakespeare

Forbidden love at the heart of a gypsy community brings danger on a midsummer’s night. As the lovers escape, mischief and sensual seduction ensue in a confusion of worlds real and unreal.

A big fat gypsy telling of Shakespeare’s comedic tale featuring the Open Air Theatre’s celebrated fusion of original music, movement and unique setting.

Guidance Note

There is a short moment which parents may wish to be aware of when considering the suitability of our production for younger audiences: the first meeting between Bottom and Titania is depicted as a highly charged intimate encounter in keeping with the contemporary style and physical nature of our production.

Suitable for ages 11+

The Times

"HIGHLY ORIGINAL" “George Bukhari is... among my all-time favourite Bottoms, vaingloriously idiotic and hyperactive”
"with all the patriarchy, rebellion larkiness and trickery done full tilt”

Evening Standard

“It won’t be what the tourists were expecting BUT THEY'LL BE GLAD THEY CAME

Daily Telegraph

“Few have envisioned Shakespeare’s natural unity with reality TV. Until now... thanks to Matthew Dunster’s clever touches, and a show-stealing set from designer Jon Bausor”

"This exceptional space has been transformed into A WORLD YOU'D NEVER IMAGINED"


“There’s nothing conventional about Matthew Dunster’s production... and all the better for it.”

“the patriarchal code of traveller culture provides a THEMATICALLY RICH framework for Shakespeare’s play of youthful rebellion and sexual awakening”


"this is one of the most imaginative renderings of the play you'll ever come across”

Daily Express

"an ORIGINAL and INVENTIVE re-imagining”

Creative team

The cast

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