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New Cherry Trees in the Park 19

By Open Air Theatre


Behind the branches and the blossom of the soon-to-be-planted cherry trees in The Regent’s Park is a story of mutual respect and friendship between Japan and the UK that first took root over 150 years ago. The new cherry trees are a symbol of this special relationship.

The trees are a gift from Japan as part of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-20, that will see 6,500 planted in parks and schools around the UK. To mark the start of the project 36 cherry trees will be planted in The Regent’s Park on 27th November – the first of 125 in The Royal Parks.

The trees will be part of a growing cross-cultural legacy between the two countries that spans from business and industry to horticulture. Read more about the story behind the trees on The Royal Parks website.

The new cherry trees in The Regent’s Park will begin flowering next spring. They tend to live for around 50 years so hopefully it will be the first blossom of many in the years to come – each tiny petal a reminder of the trees’ history and the special bond between two countries.

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