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Last Chance to See Peter Pan 07

By Open Air Theatre


Published: 7 June 2018

There’s just one week remaining to catch our ★★★★★ “thrilling” (FT) production of Peter Pan.

Set in 1918, the production coincides with the World War One Centenary Commemorations. As Mrs Darling watches over the empty beds of Wendy, John and Michael, how many other mothers between 1914-1918 wondered if their sons would return home? The Lost Boys of Never Land suggest the boys lost in conflict who were never to return to their parents..

★★★★★ “The genius of Timothy Sheader and Liam Steel’s Peter Pan is that it cross-fertilises the innocence of the pre-war years with the horrors that followed.” Daily Telegraph

★★★★★ “As the fantasy world of Never Land bleeds into the grim arena of conflict, poppies sprout from mattresses, and uniformed troops scurry up and down scaffolding to hoist the rigging for a pirate galleon.” The Times

★★★★★ “Inventive, revelatory, and deeply affecting, the glorious puppetry (Tinker Bell, a crocodile and mermaids made from gas masks, a stepladder and battlefield detritus) leaves the children in the audience enchanted.” Sunday Express

★★★★★ “The multi-ethnic company’s casting is seemingly ‘colour-blind’, bar Raphael Bushay’s portrayal of Nibs, an enlisted Caribbean soldier/Lost Boy. This nod to the 16,000 Caribbean troops that fought in the British West Indian Regiment is refreshing, in a context where the contributions of some four million black and Asian men to the war effort are rarely acknowledged in popular culture.” Afridiziak

★★★★★ “It’s rare to find a show that can delight young and old in equal measure, but Peter Pan pulls it off. An enlightening interpretation of the original that will touch adults - and copious adventure, excitement and wonder to keep kids enthralled” Culture Whisper

★★★★★ “A night of pure theatre” Daily Express

Final performance: Friday 15 June. Book Tickets

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