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Episode 4: Performance (Running Wild) 01

By Open Air Theatre

[caption id="attachment_3346" align="alignnone" width="580"]Episode 4: Performance (Running Wild) Episode 4: Performance (Running Wild)[/caption]

In the 4th and final instalment of our backstage feature on Running Wild, Joshua Fernandes, Ava Potter and Tyler Osborne talk about sharing the stage with Oona the elephant. Also, with exclusive footage from the production, see Running Wild come to life on the stage, and hear what audiences are saying about the show.

Episode 3: Rainforest

Hear more about the Young People’s Ensemble from Directors Timothy Sheader and Dale Rooks, A co-production with Chichester Festival Theatre, we also meet original Chichester cast members Romina Hytten and Fred Davis, who make their professional puppeteering debuts in the Open Air Theatre’s production.

Episide 2: Tyger, Tyger

In Episode 2 we chat with the masters of puppetry, Finn Caldwell and Toby Olié from Gyre & Gimble, and Leonie Lawrence from the Zoological Society of London talks about the darker side of the story: the threats to wildlife in Indonesia and the conservation work ZSL does in the field.

Episode 1: Creation

We talk to directors Timothy Sheader and Dale Rooks about what drew them to the story of Running Wild, and international best-selling author Michael Morpurgo reveals what inspired him to write it.

Performances from 13 May – 12 June

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