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Dinosaurs let loose at the Open Air Theatre 10

By Open Air Theatre

With under a week until Dinosaur World Live opens at the Park, let loose in the theatre the dinosaurs caused a bit of chaos! OAT_DinosaurWorld_060818_134 copy 2 There was pandemonium when the Triceratops felt peckish in the Park. OAT_DinosaurWorld_060818_51 Our chefs had to flee the kitchen when the mischievous baby T-rex appeared. Does this seem familiar? OAT_DinosaurWorld_060818_77 Once shooed from the kitchen, the ladies toilets were the next obvious playground. OAT_DinosaurWorld_060818_8 With a roar the T-rex lead the way towards the stage. OAT_DinosaurWorld_060818_25Are you ready for a Jurassic adventure?!

Dinosaur World Live, 14 Aug - 9 Sep. More information | Buy tickets

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