Relaxed Environment Performances


At a low stimulus performance we will modify the environment for those who might benefit from a quieter environment, which might include those with dementia, anxiety related conditions or autism, although we appreciate that each of these have a range of differing needs and this might not suit everyone.

As the theatre is outdoors, the performance is in daylight. We will also keep the doors to the auditorium open to enable those who wish to leave/return to their seats during the performance to do so.

Paper towels will be available in the toilets, rather than hand dryers, and a quiet space will be made available during the performance.


At a relaxed performance, the show has been adapted to suit people who might require a more relaxed environment when going to the theatre, often those with learning difficulties, autism or sensory communication disorders.

People with conditions like these can find standard theatre performances overwhelming or unpleasant. Common triggers are darkness, loud music, sudden noises and a generally unfamiliar environment in which you’re expected to sit still and quiet for a long time.


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