Every theatre performance is unique, but this is especially the case at the Open Air Theatre where both the stage and entire auditorium are uncovered.

Each visit can be distinctly different as the weather and light spontaneously interact with the play. Warm or cool, clear or overcast, the point at which dusk turns to night, being outdoors adds a thrilling contribution to our work and is an integral part of your experience here. Some of our audience's favourite memories have been of the sun breaking through the clouds during the show whilst some of the most electric performances happen in the wake of rainfall.

It's best to come prepared for all types of weather: bringing your own shade in the afternoon is particularly important as is a jumper for the end of evening performances.

So sun hats, sun cream, sunglasses, raincoats and rain hats should all be considered, or if you forget to bring something we have most of these items available to buy at the theatre.

Although on average 94% of performances are completed each year, as the auditorium and stage are completely uncovered, bad weather may mean we have to stop and re-start the show. To help us decide what to do, we receive detailed weather forecasts from the Met Office relating to our specific location.

On rare occasions, it will not be possible for us to complete the performance, but we will never cancel a performance before the advertised start time. This is because you would be amazed how often it can rain all day and then clear up just in time for the action to start and indeed, how localised bad weather can be. Also we really don't want to disappoint anyone - audiences or our actors (who are always keen to perform, if at all possible).

In the event that the performance cannot be completed owing to bad weather, ticket holders will be entitled to seats at the nearest value for any other performance in the main repertoire of our summer season (excluding music, comedy and film events which continue whatever the weather). There is no time limit on exchanging your tickets, so long as you keep your original tickets – we've had people exchanging years later.

When you're ready to exchange:

Make sure you have your tickets. These need to be the original tickets you were issued with but it doesn't matter where you purchased your tickets from. At the theatre, we provide weather exchange envelopes or you can use your own. Include details with your tickets of your preferred exchange date and then you can:

  • Hand this to a member of staff at the performance
  • Bring it to the box office in person
  • Send it to the address below

Alternatively, fill in our weather exchange form and post the tickets to:

Weather Exchange
Open Air Theatre
Inner Circle
Regent's Park

For tickets booked via our website you can also email the online ticket back to us at, giving details of your preferred exchange dates.

On receipt of these tickets the box office will post or email your new tickets to you.

Please note that all exchanges are for equivalent value seats and subject to availability. All tickets are sold subject to our terms and conditions which includes a section on the weather. We do not give refunds for performances which are not completed because of bad weather.