Jesus Christ Superstar

11 August 2017 - 23 September 2017

Evening Standard

"VIVID and COMPELLING. Each new production needs a sprinkling of directorial genius to give it wings. Delightfully, the Open Air Theatre makes this work soar.
Timothy Sheader offers some of the most stylish direction I’ve seen all year”

The Telegraph

Each song is sung with such feeling that the soul of the piece, so volatile in tempo, comes roaring through.
Superstar’s potency and its Christ-like radicalism – courting sacrilege, achieving an essence of spiritual intensity – is reborn"

The Guardian

"A GORGEOUS, THRILLING, HEAVENLY MUSICAL. Wit, lyricism and satirical bite abound in this dramatic revival of the classic rock opera with a first-rate cast.
An unexpected and considerable pleasure that really rocks"

Sunday Times

"The resurrection of the rock opera is cause for celebration”


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