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Henry V Photo Release 21

By Open Air Theatre


Michelle Terry as King Henry in Henry V

With lighting by Joshua Carr, movement direction by John Ross, and design by Olivier Award-winner Anna Fleischle, take a look at our photo gallery to get a flavour of what Henry V has in store.

This is a play where a chorus comes on stage and says you’ve got to use your imagination because we don’t actually have horses; we don’t actually have armies; there aren’t really kings” says director Robert Hastie.

“We are just working with what we’ve got to make this world come to life, and what we’ve got at this theatre is the open sky and the sounds of the world outside. We’ve added to that in ways that envelop the audience – so we have an astonishing drum soundtrack, incredible percussion that pumps through the auditorium; we’ve got sound effects in the audience, smoke, gunfire, pyrotechnics going off. It’s all about trying to give the audience an experience of what it’s like to be in the siege of Harfleur, or in battle at Agincourt.”

Our production of Henry V comes as we celebrate the legacy of William Shakespeare, in this the 400th anniversary of his death. “Shakespeare has survived 400 years because these incredible stories can be continually retold and reinvented, and audiences and artists alike are hungry for that. These plays continually find new ways to provoke, to inspire, and to question the world that we live in today”.

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