Daniel Kitson with or near Gavin Osborn

19 June 2022 - 21 August 2022



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      Sunday, 19 June | 24 July | 21 August 2022
      7pm | Show: 8.30pm
      All tickets: £15*
      (recommended 16+)

      The two greatest footballers of their generation are returning to the site of their greatest collaborative triumphs to do another thing.*

      * Full Disclosure: Daniel hasn’t been on stage for over two years and Gavin recently got a 9-5 job in the charity sector. So, currently, as things stand, at time of writing, it’s entirely unclear what the “thing” they do will be. It may involve them both being on stage at the same time, winking at each other and giggling or it could just as easily involve them taking turns to do a nice little dance for everyone. But whatever the “thing” ends up being, this much is certain - some bits of it will be funny and some bits of it will be lovely and some bits of it will probably be sad. Gavin will sing some songs (presumably from his new album), Daniel will do some talking or reading out loud (ideas, swear words, apologies etc.) and of course, as always, the unique beauty of the venue will do quite a bit of heavy lifting.


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