Owing to the nature of the theatre, and the intimacy of the auditorium, admitting latecomers, and re-admitting patrons during the performance, can be distracting to the actors and others in the audience. We will therefore admit latecomers at a suitable point in the performance and, likewise, should it become necessary for you to leave the auditorium once the play has started, we will endeavour to re-admit you at an appropriate point in the performance.

Due to the atmospheric nature of The Turn of the Screw, there will be only one point at which latecomers may be admitted. After this point, latecomers will not be admitted until the interval. Similarly, should you need to leave the auditorium once the opera has started, re-admittance is not permitted during the performance. We thank you for your co-operation.

If you have not been to the Open Air Theatre before, please see the detailed information about how to get here. It is recommended that you allow at least 20 minutes to reach the theatre once you are within Regent’s Park.

The gates to the theatre by the Box Office in Queen Mary’s Gardens will remain open until the interval. After this time, Queen Mary’s Gardens are locked by the Royal Parks. Therefore, latecomers arriving after this point need to go to the Theatre Exit Gate on the Inner Circle.

To get to the Theatre Exit Gate from the Jubilee Gates, walk clockwise around the Inner Circle, passing the Regent's Bar and Kitchen on your right hand side. The Theatre Exit Gate will be on your right hand side after a short walk.

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