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Dickens for Families 24

By Open Air Theatre

Charles Dickens

This summer, we are introducing a classic Charles Dickens novel to our younger and family audiences, with Oliver Twist created for everyone aged six and over. A new play adaptation, discover the adventures of orphan Oliver Twist, from the workhouse to the streets of London and Fagin’s gang. But will he be rescued by the ones who love him? It’ll have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more!

The Charles Dickens Museum is in Dickens’ former home, and the place where he wrote Oliver Twist. Until 23 April, they have a special exhibition of the original illustrations by John Kenney for the 1965 An Adventure in History: Charles Dickens, part of the iconic series of Ladybird books for children. There is so much more to see at the museum too, and a chance to learn more about Dickens and his life as you explore his study, the family bedchambers and servant’s quarters below stairs.

More information about the Charles Dickens Museum

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